Food Safety Certification in Los Angeles, CA

For all of your Los Angeles, California ServSafe certifications and food handling safety training needs, look no further than the incredible school here at Network Food Safety. We are proud to be the food safety school that our community and the restaurant owners within it trust for all of their food handler’s card, food managers certification, and other ServSafe certifications, and we strive to exceed all expectations with our high quality, in-depth instruction.

Whether you are preparing to enter into the food industry and want to give yourself an edge over other applications, you are planning to open your own restaurant, you are an established restaurant owner looking for a certified school to train your new employees, or anywhere in between, Network Food Safety is here to help. When our students graduate with their food handler’s card, they are fully trained on the best practices of the industry and equipped with an in-depth understanding of why safety standards are necessary. With a food handler’s card from Network Food Safety, you are fully prepared to enter the food service workforce.

As a food manager, it is your responsibility to understand all of the best practices, procedures, and standards necessary to keep food safe for consumption. Even a small deviation from standards in any part of the food preparation process can lead to widespread foodborne illness, which is why we work so hard to maintain the highest standards for our food managers certification courses and graduates.

When you come to Network Food Safety for your ServSafe certifications, you are guaranteed a wealth of knowledge and thorough education from highly trained and certified teachers. No matter what you hope to accomplish in the food service industry, our ServSafe certifications will help you achieve your goals safely.

Give Network Food Safety in Los Angeles, CA a call today to learn more about our ServSafe certifications, discuss our affordable course rates, or check out our upcoming schedule. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to help, and we look forward to serving you soon!